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Chatgpt vs Bard

Feature comparison: ChatGPT vs. Google Bard


Conversational responses


ChatGPT and Google Bard produce incredibly human-like responses since they are trained on datasets with hundreds of billions of parameters. GPT-4 includes almost 100 trillion parameters in total.


Nonetheless, Google Bard can generate more up-to-date responses than ChatGPT because it was trained on data with instant internet access and a more modern library. For instance, who is the newly made indian president? While ChatGPT draws conclusions based on the data available in September 2021, Google Bard can provide multiple bullet points of news events.


Employs context


ChatGPT may use context when conversing with a user since it gathers data from previous discussions and interactions with the user. Bard can continue a chat where another user left off and can also incorporate context in the conversations.


ChatGPT pros and cons


Pros of ChatGPT :


Speedy Response Times : Rapid reaction times: ChatGPT is better than earlier AI chatbot generations in that it responds more quickly, which helps organizations run more smoothly. Google Bard is outpaced by ChatGPT Plus in speed.


Ability to generate human-like responses: Due in major part to the enormous quantity of data that it has been trained on, ChatGPT can produce language that sounds more naturally written than earlier generations of AI chatbots.


User Friendly : ChatGPT is capable of a great deal, including translating, paraphrasing text, and creating lyrics for songs, all for a broad audience. It’s an easy tool for non-techies to use because of its clear responses and simple UI..


Supports many programming languages: ChatGPT supports Python, JavaScript, Java and a dozen other programming languages.


Supports 20+ languages: ChatGPT “can understand and generate text” in more than 20 languages.


Cons of ChatGPT


Limited accuracy and reliability:Because Chat GPT is using training data, its responses could contain mistakes. Moreover, it is out of date—the most recent update was made in September 2021.


Because ChatGPT is trained on a particular dataset, it may generate biassed results. Biases in the source material itself may have an impact on ChatGPT’s replies. For example, ChatGPT frequently generates problems and performs poorly when answering enquiries that are not in English.


No real-world understanding:The responses that ChatGPT can provide are amazing, but they are based on what is available online rather than what has been learned via actual human experience. It is also restricted to the dataset that it was trained on.


Google Bard pros and cons


Superior text generation: Google Bard can generate text that is like to that of a human being and is useful for a variety of purposes, including as translating text and providing answers to questions.

Huge dataset: Google Bard can produce more thorough and instructive results than smaller models because it was pretrained on a vast text and code dataset.

Creative text output: Google Bard is a flexible tool for the business because it can help with a range of text creation, including report writing, hiring letters, and job descriptions.

Write code in a variety of programming languages: Bard, according to Google, can produce code in a variety of programming languages for both simple and complicated jobs, even when given instructions in natural language.

Language support: Bard can translate into different languages and supports Japanese, Korean, and American English.


Cons of Google Bard


computational resources: The computational resources required for large transformer models are high.